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5.3 Batteries

Sailing boats from 36 to 60 feet use from two to four batteries (service) for all the electrical equipment they have, such as cabin lights, navigation lights, refrigerator or freezer, navigation instruments, anchor worker, pumps, etc. Their capacity is moderate in "Ah" and the total number of batteries and their size depends on the needs of each boat. For example, in a 40-foot sailing boat, three service batteries of 100 Ah each are enough. 

Except from the service batteries, anohter one is needed for the starter of the main engine of the boat. If the boat has two engines then it should have one battery for each of them.

Battery charging

All the batteries (service and engine) need recharging. There are several ways to do this which are described below:

  • During engine running, the alternator, which is a current generator, rotates and charges all the boat batteries.

  • Photovoltaic placed in special places on the boat to receive as much sunlight as possible.

  • Wind turbine.

  • Gasoline or diesel generator.

  • Via electric charger which is located in the engine room. It operates with 220V, as a result of which the boat must be connected through an external, special socket for this purpose (photo 5.3.1) with the pillar (photo 5.3.2) that it can be found only in well-organized ports.


Photo 5.3.1

Photo 5.3.2

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