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5.8  How To Clear A Crossed Anchor

Unfortunately, crossed anchores are sometimes unvoidable, especially when the port is narrow or has a lot of boats. In that case it is important that you can deal with them safely. Never clear a crosses anchor by leaning over the boat and trying to prize the anchor/chain apart. This is dangerous and could cost fingers. Don't use a boat hook to lift the chain as it is impossible to to release the hook from the chain and you will probably loose the hook. 

By following this steps should help you if you are involved in a crossed anchor situation. 


If you have someone's chain:

Step 1:  If there is someone on the other yacht, communicate what has happerned to them. You may have to ask them to motor off the quay and lower some of their chain to avoid dragging  their anchor.

Step 2: Attach one end of a rope to your cleat.

Step 3: Tie a bow line knot in the other end. 

Step 4: Slowly lift your chain until you can see the other boat's chain/anchor above the water.

Step 5: Thread the rope through the middle of the chain. 

Step 6: Use a boat hook to catch the loop so that you have both ends on board.

Step 7: Take in the slack.

Step 8: Untie your bow line knot and tie this end of your rope to the cleat.

Step 9: Lower your anchor to cleat the chain. 

Step 10: Raise it up, and it's free again.

Step 11: Next, untie one side of your rope to drop the chain.  

If someone has your chain:

Step 1: Stay calm, turn your engine on and motor gently away from the quay.

Step 2: Drop any chain you still have in the locker, so your anchor is totally slack. When the other boat is free, tighten your chain again. 

Step 3: If your anchor is picked up and dropped, leave it a few minutes to sink in, then try tightening it.

Step 4: If it does not hold or you are concerned there is not enough chain out , go out and reset it again. 

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