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The courses are available for those that they want to have Glyfadas Sailing Club Okeanis Offshore Sailing Lisence for sailing yachts up to 24 meters. You can be a day and night skipper. The lisence is issued in 4 languages and it can be used in most of the countries worldwide. 

How to start?

To receive the skipper lisence you have to complete successfully the online course and the on-the-water training. 

1st Step: Find the most suitable course according to your requirements (choose from the page "courses"). 

2st Step: Complete the online theory through our e-sailinglessons platform.

3rd Step: Lets Sail! Book the practical on-the-water training and learn everything about sailing, communication (VHF), safety, night sailing, anchoring - mooring and more.

Please send as an email or a chat message for further information and we will reply to you as soon as possible. After  purchasing a course, sign up to get an access to the online course and the "e-LIBRARY" for the e-sailingbook and training videos. 

To complete the course successfully you have to pass the online final examination of the school. This will take place in a time and date that you have to arange together with the training supervisor. 

Being a skipper is a huge responsibility and we have to be very sure that you are able to control safely a sailing yacht  with your friends, family or both. 

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